Please call to set up an appointment for the application process.  There are certain documents that are needed, and verification forms to be submitted, so preparation on your part is the key to submitting your applicattion successfully. You may download an application, but we cannot accept it if it is mailed back to us.  You must call to schedule an interview.  Please wait to date and sign all pages. 


Below is a list of the items you must bring with you at the time of the application interview:

 * Valid photo I.D.

*  Signed social security card

*  Original birth certificate

*  Social security benefit awards letter (dated within 120 days)

*  All contact information of all landlords for the last 3 years

*  All contact information and policy number for medical insurance IF premium is paid for out-of-pocket

*  All contact info and account numbers for all bank accounts and other assets

*  All bank statements from the last 6 months (every page of every statement)

*  Information on any real estate or homes owned

*  Information on disposed assets (for less than fair market value) within the last 2 years

*  Contact information for all sources of income

We require verification of 3 years rental history in good standing.  Also, a criminal background check, eviction check, and address check  is conducted on each applicant. 

Farrow Place does not discriminate on the basis of handicapped status in the admission or access to or treatment or employment in, its Federally assisted programs and activities.

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